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Before You Begin

Dancing Backwards is designed to be easy for teachers to navigate to maximize student engagement while they are learning critical thinking and responsible citizenship. 

Permission Forms

Before students participate in the program, it’s important that their parents/guardians are informed of the intention to post the students' finished work on the publicly-accessible Dancing Backwards site.

Parents/guardians are required to sign the Release Forms and return them to the teacher ro grant Dancing Backwards permission to use their projects on the Her Story Archive, which is a public site. Although students will not be identified by last name or school to ensure student safety, students’ image, voice, and works will be made public.

If your class has student unable to get permission, may we suggest the following options:

  • Having a conversation about why this form is  being signed, and what objections there are  to signing
  • Discuss with class, what role a student could play  in the creation of a project that allows participation  without permission,
  • Brainstorm the types of projects students could  create without using their image,
  • Suggest that students without permission could  work on a piece together, and present it to the class only,
  • Brainstorm other options.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments at


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Download Before_You_Begin.pdf

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The Dancing Backwards Program
Created by Sandy Mayzell
Written by Johanna Lee and Sandy Mayzell
Additional Materials by Jessica Hoyt, Monica Prendergast,
Lacey Jones, Sarah King, Angela Hemming, John Gould and Alexa Lewis.

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